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Hailing from the quiet market town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, James's story began at the age of 16 when he began writing short rock tracks to perform with friends. From this initial seed bloomed a boundless passion for music of all origin. After moving to study at the prestigious Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, James quickly discovered the path he would choose and began to hone his skills in media music. Now in his final year of study, he has big ambitions for the future and a strong will to succeed.





James Shields is a media composer based in Birmingham, UK, with skills in a wide range of musical styles. He has always strived to create new fusions of genre, instruments and sounds in his music, with a keen interest in media based composition. James's compositions help bring life to the worlds they represent, acting as a bridge for the audience, welcoming them in.







A Taste Of Things To Come...

Below is a selection of works designed to showcase a few of the various styles and moods James creates. Please feel free to listen and if you enjoy them more can be found on the 'Compositions' page.

Musical Stylings

James draws inspiration from Rock, Electronic and Orchestral styles, often combining elements of each to create new tonal worlds. He also enjoys experimenting with various instruments and styles from around the world to give his pieces unique character and presence. 



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